By Chris Barlowhood8

Staying connected has a new meaning in the 21st century, and long-time Wauwatosa resident Caitlin Moyer can attest to it, in both her personal and professional life.

With the myriad of things Moyer juggles on her busiest of days, she could not function without adhering to that adage. From Miller Park to the golf course, she needs to stay plugged in to keep track of it all.

Moyer’s connections are also tied to where she grew up. She feels so much love for her hometown that she does not see the need to venture outside its borders too often. “I am to the point where I stay mostly in Tosa when I go out because why would you need to go anywhere else?” Moyer said. “The incredible boom of small businesses and restaurants opening has been awesome.”

Wauwatosa offers everything that Moyer likes to do in her spare time. You may see her getting outdoors, snowshoeing in the winter, training for her first marathon on the new parkway path, or playing golf at Currie in the summer.

“I am to the point where I stay mostly in Tosa when I go out because why would you need to go anywhere else?”

Moyer works as the Director of New Media for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, a job that keeps her well connected to the broader community in her professional life as well. Her job duties include everything from creating content and monitoring numerous social media platforms, to authoring the Club’s popular Cait Covers the Blog and chairing a committee that helps keep the Brewers organization on top of current trends.

Moyer’s path to her current position at the Brewers began with an internship in the Corporate Marketing Department while she was finishing her degree at Marquette University. After graduation she was hired to work in the marketing department as they began to expand their efforts.

One of Moyer’s first ideas put her on a path to her current position and showed the power of social media, even as that medium was in its infancy.

“I created a Facebook event page for Student Nights at Miller Park and quickly learned the power of social media as people began to spread the word about it by inviting friends,” Moyer said. “It snowballed from there.”

hood3An idea like that may seem obvious in 2016, but in 2005 harnessing social media was not a frequent practice in the business world.

Over the years since her start, Moyer has shot up through the Brewers organization and she is now in charge of all of the Club’s social media platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and more.

“They (the Brewers organization) trust me to know what content to put out there and what not to,” Moyer said. “After being part of this organization for over 10 years, I think I have a good feel for our voice and for the reception by the fan base.”

One Brewers social media promotion that has been especially popular with the fans is the annual Countdown to Opening Day. Moyer and her staff invite fans to submit creative pictures that represent the number of days remaining in the off-season and submit them using #SeeUApril4 (this year’s hashtag) on Twitter and/or Instagram. Moyer smiles when thinking of how this concept has grown.

“As soon as the season ends you have fans posting how many days to Open- ing Day using the designated hashtag,” Moyer said. “Last year we even had teachers use groups of their students to create some of the numbers. I’m proud of helping to build excitement for Opening Day.”

Recently Moyer was tasked with running the Creative Council, a group of young professionals from different fields around the greater Milwaukee area. They were brought together to generate new ideas and serve as a sounding board for others, providing the organization with different perspectives. They look at things such as the Brewers On Deck fan fest event at the Wisconsin Center, the in-game experience at Miller Park and gate giveaways and promotions.

With this group’s assistance, the Brewers were able to hatch the idea for a podcast, which is now available on and iTunes. “We thought that (podcast) was some- thing that was missing from our repertoire,” Moyer said. “That was something that was very tangible that came out of the Creative Council.”hood6

Moyer also shares her talents with students Marquette University, where she began teaching in 2013 after completing her Masters degree. She serves as an adjunct professor in the College of Communications, specializing in media writing. Her duties there keep her on top of the current trends in a fast moving industry.

“Students keep me young and connected,” Moyer said. “I am always bouncing ideas off of them, or asking them what they think will be the next big thing in social media.”

Moyer is married to her husband Brian, who moved to Wauwatosa from Atlanta 10 years ago. They bought a house in the Pasadena neighborhood, where they live there with their two cats.

“We met, stayed in touch, and ending up dating long distance for a couple of years. Then I finally convinced him to move up to Milwaukee,” she said. “I absolutely love living where we are. The area is great and we couldn’t ask for better neighbors.”

Ihood4n addition to her work with the Brewers and Marquette, Moyer is also active in the community, serving on the newly-created Wauwatosa Marketing Committee, as well as a Marketing Committee for her alma mater, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School.

And even though much of her life is immersed in New Media, where there are numerous vehicles of modern communi- cation to consume, Moyer still also has a soft spot for some of the “old school” forms of communication.

“I grew up as the daughter of two librarians,” she said. “I love going to the Wauwatosa Library and I still read the newspaper everyday.”