It’s seriously winter now, but that’s alright because we can concentrate on living a little healthier. Or at least kid ourselves a little bit, believing we are, right? So, here we are recommending six adult beverages; two red wines (good for the heart), two cocktails with peanut butter pairings (protein for the muscle healing), and two brews (good for relaxing the brain). Let’s party again.
cocktail 1
Dewey Hill Decline

After the walk home from sled riding down the big hill on Honey Creek Parkway by Hawthorne with the kids, this cocktail will satisfy your soul. Mix one ounce of Rehorst Roaring Dan’s Rum with a half-ounce of Laird’s Apple Jack, add cold apple cider, and a cinnamon stick to your tub glass of ice. Pairs well with a fresh celery stick covered with peanut butter and raisins (ants on a log). Listens well with ’Starship Trooper’ by Yes. YES!

velvetVelvet Elvis

This ultra-smooth hound dog drink mixes 3 Olives Elvis Cucumber Water Vodka with Pineapple Juice and Coffee Creamer. All shook up, it’ll satisfy the simpler palettes all across our tasty Tosa region. Pairs well with a peanut butter, jelly, and bacon sandwich. Listens well with ‘Kentucky Rain’ by The (velvet) King himself.

Rancho Zabaco Red Zinfandelrancho zabaco

This wine was aged on new and used French and American Oak to impart chocolate and roasted coffee notes. Slightly blended with Petite Sirah, this bold red bursts with flavors of blackberry and cherry layered with pepper and spice. Pairs well with a charbroiled or grilled and seasoned hamburger. Listens well with ‘99 Red Balloons’ by Nina.

wine 2Portillo Malbec

This deep ruby red is rich with scents of fruits such as plums and blackberries. The taste includes fresh flavors of red currant and black cherry finishing with a hint of cinnamon and cloves. Pairs well with grilled steaks, roasts, and pasta in richly favored sauces. Listens well with ‘The Godfather Theme’, aka, ‘Speak Softly Love’, by Nino 1

Renegade Redacted Rye India Pale Ale

Redacted is Renegades first flagship beer and was first developed in its founders’ backyard whilst a home brewer. This well balanced IPA has notes of black pepper, imparted by rye malt, that complement the intricate hop profile. Pairs well with Pizza. Listens well with ‘My City Was Gone’ by the Pretenders.

beer 2Renegade Triple India Pale Ale

A bit more “Offensively Delicious” than the flagship, this brave beer is brewed with just three malts and one hop making it simple in ingredients and also complex in flavor. However, this delicate balance also makes it dangerously easy to drink, man – so be cool, dig? Pairs well with Mexican cuisine. Listens well with ‘Reckoner’ by Radiohead.