There are many reasons to start an exercise routine! Some are obvious reasons, such as weight loss, and some are not so obvious, like addiction control. Whether you’re someone looking to begin a routine, or need extra motivation to continue each and every day, read these three amazing reasons to pursue some sort of exercise on a weekly basis.

By Tony Becker | Team Leader, Fitness Together |

1) Help to improve your mood and self confidence!
Fitness dance class.

Fitness dance class.

Whether you participate in the front row of a zumba class or get a quick sweat on your basement elliptical that’s from 1998, you feel amazing when you are finished. After an exercise bout, no matter how long or short you went, your body will release its natural “feel good” hormones called endorphins. After you stick with a continuous exercise routine and feel this endorphin release, you will start feeling more and more confident during your daily life!

2) Exercise Helps Control Weight!

Any activity is good activity! Engaging in daily exercise helps your chances of controlling any weight gain, and even helps you lose excess body fat. The more activity and exercise you participate in, the more calories you will burn. No time for exercise? No problem! Spacing workouts throughout the day (15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night) can have a positive impact on losing excess body fat. Incorporate simple daily tactics to improve your calorie burn, like parking further away at the grocery store or taking the stairs every day instead of the elevator.

3) Exercise boosts energy!

Do you feel sluggish or tired throughout the day? Do you need caffeine on a daily basis to make sure you can cope with the daily tasks of your job? Starting the day with any type of exercise or physical activity can increase your energy levels drastically. When you start your day with exercise, you increase the oxygen and nutrient flow in your body to help your body function more efficiently. When your body is functioning better, you feel that constant energy to help you be more productive throughout your day! So pick up those dumbbells in the morning and put down that soda!

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