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Urban Coyotes: Vital Scavengers

The idea of “wild” animals usually makes one think of barren country, deep woods, and jungles. However, even urban and suburban areas can be home to creatures we would most expect to see in the pages of National Geographic.

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The Community Takes a Bow

Truth telling theater style is a decades-long specialty of the Tosa East Players and the Tosa West Trojan Players. The latest editions of the Tosa East Players and Tosa West Trojan Players strive to present quality theatre while creating a learning community that fosters performing and technical talent.

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Tosa Doctor’s Life Saving Career

Many of history’s influential discoveries were marked by a very distinct and noticeable “Eureka” moment. When Wauwatosa resident and Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) Tom P. Aufderheide had one of those significant split seconds, the world was set forth on a path toward massive improvement and change.

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Building Muscle and Community

They come from a diverse range of experiences. One is a former IT professional. Several are medically trained – a physician’s assistant, a pharmacist, and a nurse. They each bring something unique but share two things in
common: a passion for fitness and a desire to strengthen community in Wauwatosa.

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Water Management for the Residential Homeowner

You live in Wauwatosa. You walk for coffee, bike to the park and your local pool has a killer waterslide. You’re winning. You also have a small yard that has been compressed over the past 50 years. Your driveway is about the width of a midsized SUV, with a tiny strip of dirt running directly along your foundation. You’ve got water problems.

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A Message From the Mayor

If you are like me, you are unfurling from your winter cocoon and getting out to walk and bike around Wauwatosa. I remember every spring having to remind my children about the safety rules for biking, crossing the street and watching out for traffic. Spring brings more people outside and we want walkers, bikers, and drivers to co-exist safely.

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In The Village

Now that Spring is finally arriving, we look forward to another season of outdoor activities in the Village. The first three phases of the streetscaping project are nearly complete, with the Pocket Park and Root Common areas being finished off early this Summer.

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Understanding Autism: Service in the City

Prevalence of autism in U.S. children increased nearly 120 percent from 2000 to 2010 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making it the fastest growing development disability in America. Today, more than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder, supported by services costing upwards of $260 billion annually.

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