Now that Spring is finally arriving, we look forward to another season of outdoor activities in the Village.

The first three phases of the streetscaping project are nearly complete, with the Pocket Park and Root Common areas being finished off early this Summer. Both areas are due to be completed in June, so we are planning a grand opening celebration, as well as additional events later in the season.

Phase 4 of the streetscaping initiative is due to begin in April. This year the work will be along State Street from 74th Street to 68th Street. Work will include:

  • New street lights
  • Road reconstruction
  • Sidewalk reconstruction
  • Pedestrian railroad crossing at 74th Street into Hart Park
  • New sidewalk along the South side of State Street
  • A fence will be added between the railroad tracks and the new sidewalk the entire length of the construction.
  • Additional parking signage and directory kiosks

Similar to Phase 1 work, this will require that traffic be limited to one lane, westbound only, on State Street from April to August. Eastbound traffic will be detoured up to Milwaukee Avenue to 68th Street.

This will also mean that there will be no parking on State Street during this timeframe. Hart Park Lane along the railroad tracks and the softball field/tennis courts will also be closed for construction staging.


Even with the construction on State Street this Summer, there is still more parking than ever here in the Village.

State Street Station has not only added resident parking, but upon completion there will be 82 covered parking spaces available for the public to use.

Harmonee Square will also have 33 public parking spaces available when that project is complete. This is in addition to the over 330 existing parking spots in the Village center.

A handful of street parking spots on Harmonee Avenue and Underwood Avenue have been converted to back-in angle parking as a part of the reconstruction. There are several reasons for this, most of which relate to safety. In order to maximize parking as well as make the Village more bike friendly, these two streets have a two-way bike lane included in their design.

The back-in parking makes it easier to see bicycles when pulling out of parking spaces. With more people taking advantage of the multi-use path across the river, and the addition of Bublr bikes to the area, it is important that they have a way to access both the Village business district and the neighborhoods up the hill.

The back-in parking is also safer for loading and unloading children from vehicles, as the doors open towards the sidewalk instead of the street. Your trunk is also right at the sidewalk, making it easier to load all of your purchases into your car after shopping.

It takes a little getting used to, but overall it is easy to use and safer. They also make up a very small percentage of the parking stalls here in the Village, so there are plenty of other options.

Check out our new parking map at to see just how easy it is to park here.

For more information on streetscaping, parking or upcoming events in the Village, visit the Village Business Improvement District web site at