By Chris Haise

  1. The Drifters
    White Christmas
    This one might bring back memories of Kevin McAllister singing in the mirror in Home Alone, but either way, everyone’s toes will be tapping to this R & B version of the Irving Berlin Standard.
  2. John Lennonlennon
    Happy Christmas (War is Over)
    A fantastic song without the holiday spin, this song takes off when the children’s choir join the ex-Beatle to plead for peace on earth.
  3. The Beach Boys
    Little Saint Nick
    Classic Beach Boys sound combined with a classic Christmas song is a perfect holiday combination.
  4. Nat King Cole
    The Christmas Song
    One of the most well-known first lines in all of music, perhaps the most well-known version of this song. Nat King Cole’s voice seems to fill you up with every word.
  5. Elvis Presley
    Blue Christmas
    The King, in his element, lamenting as the “blue memories start callin’.”
  6. The Temptations
    Silent Night
    The Motown feel and unearthly falsetto makes this one of the best versions of the religious favorite.
  7. Eartha Kitt
    Santa Baby
    Of all the cover versions of this song, none can match the playfulness and humor of the Eartha Kitt original.
  8. Charles Brown
    Please Come Home for Christmas
    You might know the Eagles version, but the original has the soulful longing required in the Christmas blues.
  9. Bruce Springsteen
    Santa Clause is Coming to Town
    The Boss, the Big Man, and Little Stevie make this an energy filled version of the classic Christmas song.
  10. Ronnettes
    Sleigh Ride
    Try to not dance when this ditty comes on. Phil Spector’s production is phenomenal and will sound great anywhere you play this song.
  11. Chuck Berry
    Run Run Rudolph
    We all know the Holidays can be hectic, and this song captures the energy of the season perfectly. Throw it on while you’re doing your last minute shopping.
  12. Judy Garland
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Timeless, perfect.The best way to end your hectic holiday evenings is this song and some egg nog.



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