By Dave Mikolajek

Hello and welcome to another Wisconsin winter where we watch watery snowflakes blanket the views from our favorite furniture at home to our bent barstool at our favorite local swill shack. It’s festive. It’s cozy. Comprende? Cocktails like these can either be served on the rocks or strained into a martini glass. And for the beer, simply crack open and sip. So let’s sample these seasonal specials without getting all shined up like billy goats and keeping it safe.

Bailey’s Snowball
Bailey’s Irish Cream, splash of Raspberry Liqueur & Grenadine, Snack w/ a chocolate covered pretzel. Listen w/ Luna’s 23 Minutes in Brussels.

Old Man Winter
Castrie’s Peanut Rum, Dewar’s 12 year old & Butterscotch Schnapps.Snack w/ salted pecans. Listen w/ Beastie Boy’s Intergallactic.

Cherry Lane
Grey Goose Chery Noir Vodka, Benedictine, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, bitters.
Snack w/ popcorn as if watching a movie w/ Cherry Valance. Listen w/ Gloria by Them.

Ginger Joy
Grey Goose Pear Vodka, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Simple Syrup, & Lemon Juice.
Snack w/ fresh fruit medley. Listen w/ Spandau Ballet’s True.

Snow Drift-tini
Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka, Godiva White Chocolare Liqueur, & Peppermint.
Snack w/ plain, Polish wafers. Listen w/ Bellamy Brothers’ Let Your Love Flow.

Sagefight Imperial IPA
The name of this bold imperial IPA brings back memories of my first junior high school band, Knifefight, Brewed with sage and juniper berries, this beer packs a good punch, so be ready for it’s full flavor. Snack w/ Balistreri’s Mediterranean Pizza. Listen w/ Robert Goulet’s Under the Yum Yum Tree.