As the cold weather creeps in, then overwhelms, and the desire to hibernate is a regular occurrence, we all need to take respite, be grateful and give praise for so many truly amazing aspects of our lives in Wauwatosa.

maya haiseWe see adaptation and progress and innovation in countless places. This, the season of appreciation, by its very nature begs us to stop and observe our surroundings. Let’s really be present every day and take the extra moment to say, “hello” and “thank you,” hold the door, leave a bigger tip and shovel someone’s walk. I love what we have here in Tosa and I intend to show it even more this year. I hope you’ll join me. Remember, you can hear a smile that may warm a heart. Aww, and I just made that up.

This issue of Tosa Connection features much of the thanks and praise I’m referring to. Michele Pape’s “Service In The City” piece highlights the fine work of The Salvation Army. Turning to Sports, Rick Romano’s feature on the Pettit Center’s 25th Year anniversary reminds us that we have an abundance of activities and sports teams to follow closely and cheer for; Packers, Badgers, Wave, Bucks, Panthers, Admirals and more…although sadly, we have to admit that Green Bay minus Aaron Rogers = Cleveland. (Derek P. from Mathnasium, please check that but I think my math is correct.) Nonetheless, we have new arenas, stadiums and great buildings like the Pettit Center to call our own.

Please heed the sage “Toy Tips” reviews and advice from our own Marianne Syzmanski. Look for her on television doing her Toy Tips and Reviews very soon. Add the “Smarter Living” technology ideas from Maxx Hartunian and you’ll find many options for gift ideas for those on your list.

Further, our feature story “Embracing Senior Moments” explains that dedication and good spirits can keep an institution alive and well when it may otherwise fester and pass if backs are turned. You’ll read about a job well done at our Wauwatosa Senior Center.

I hope this Tosa Connection makes your day in some way. With the death of our hometown newspaper(s), this quarterly magazine is the only publication dedicated to Wauwatosa./ Tosa Connection is here to represent and acknowledge the great works, services and people right here at home. Send us your story ideas, concerns, photos and events. We will try to make them come alive in our pages.

Not least of all, please visit the businesses and advertisers that you see here in our pages. Let them know that you’ve seen their message and that’s part of the reason you are spending your dollars with them. Without their support (that wholly funds this effort) we are just part of a dying, hybrid-newspaper consortium.

Stay Connected My Friends!