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Chamber Music

Tosa and West Allis’ business leaders are tuning-up for enhanced opportunities with a newly combined Chamber of Commerce. There is more to two chambers of commerce coming together than meets the eye.

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A (Strange) Year in Music

Here are some albums from 2020 that were fantastic and helped bridge the gap between normalcy and our currently shared reality. Please consider appropriate parental advisories when it comes to each of these selections.

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Climbing is awesome for anybody

Despite the mental hurdles we all create for ourselves Craig Burzynski, co-owner of three Adventure Rock Indoor Climbing Gyms in the Milwaukee area, said the sport of climbing is open to all ages and types of people.

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Generational Shift

Mount Mary College is changing: learn how they embrace the concept that the coming together of different generations – and different backgrounds – can enrich lifelong living, as well as learning. 

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2020 Holiday Toy Preview

Throughout 2020, children have shown us their amazing resilience and ability to adapt to challenging circumstances. It
is play and its inherent lesson of  exibility that allows them to do that.

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Tosa NAC News and Calendar

News about what’s happening in Wauwatosa from the Neighborhood Association Council. If you have an event of interest to the community, send your article idea to

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Dennis McBride – Mayor of Wauwatosa

Being Mayor of Tosa currently requires a desk full of serious issues including dealing with a pandemic, social unrest, balancing progress against preservation, and listening to a diverse population with different ideas on the best path to the future. Dennis McBride is ready for the challenge.

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