We have been enjoying the new addition to the Village, the Root Common and Pocket Parks. There are still a few items that need to be completed in each of the parks, but they are now fully open and useable spaces.

Be sure to check out the remaining Root Series concerts in the park, as well as other events that we will be having there. This includes the annual Village Tree Lighting event as we get into the holiday season. The permanent Christmas tree is planted in the Pocket Park on the hill near St. Bernard’s, but it is still too small to use for the tree lighting this year. We will be bringing in a larger temporary tree somewhere in the park just for that purpose. The plan is to continue to do so until the permanently planted tree is large enough. Stay tuned to the Village website and social media in the coming weeks as we have more details on holiday events, including the return of the Holiday Train.


Construction on State Street Station is finally complete and most of the apartments are already occupied. They will also be welcoming a couple of new retail tenants in the new phase including Rice & Roll and Bistro and Orange Theory Fitness. Both are expected to open later this year.

State Street Station is also a great place to park for wherever you are going in the Village. There are 82 public parking spaces between the North and South parking garages. They are all covered, and most of them are 3-Hour Parking, which is plenty of time to shop, dine, grab a drink, or whatever you happen to be doing. Best of all, it is only a block from pretty much everything in the Village center. Just look for the big blue and white P for parking signs.


We are very excited to have two-way traffic back open on State Street.

Businesses in the Village appreciate everyone’s patience with the detours. It should be much easier to get where you are going now, but parking on State Street will still be limited for a while. Work will continue on the sidewalks and parking lanes until later in the fall.

A new pedestrian crossing is also being constructed at 74th and State, which will allow for safer crossing of the railroad tracks to get to the softball, volleyball and tennis court areas. Hart Park Lane is also being reconstructed as a part of the project.

You may have also noticed several of the information kiosks popping up in the area as construction is winding down. These kiosks contain a map and directory of Village businesses, as well as a lit poster board. Some of the kiosks have digital display boards with information on upcoming events as well.


This year marks the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the Village is honored to host one of the 5 official street parties. Party in the Park will take place Wednesday, August 29th through Saturday, September 1st at the Rotary Performance Pavillion in Hart Park.

The first night is in partnership with the previously scheduled Tosa Tonight concert, with similar events happening Thursday through Saturday. There will be live music, food and beverage vendors, retail vendors, a Harley-Davidson activity area and more.

There will be exclusive motorcycle parking in areas of the park, as well as the completed South portion of State Street from 68th to 70th.