With Market Manager Bekah Johnson of the Tosa Farmers Market

In this second chef variation on a bag of Tosa Farmers Market ingredients, your favorite local restaurants got casual at the grill and gave us their own bold interpretations of a timeless summer tradition: the burger. These recipes are straightforward, and you could have made them yourself, if only you’d thought of them first.

The Essential Ingredients

Jeff-Leen Farms Ground Beef(Random Lake)
There’s beef and then there’s Jeff-Leen’s grassfed beef. We supplied chefs with one pound of an otherwise basic staple. It carries a rich flavor that can only come from a Wisconsin meadow.

Shared Seasons Zesty Microgreens (Fredonia)

They credit community support for the success of their burgeoning farm, where Paul and Sara toil over produce of all kinds. We chose their Zippy Micro Mix, which showcases a variety of tasty greens in their most compact and flavorful form.

River Valley Ranch Mushrooms (Burlington)

They’ve been doing farm-to-table since before it was cool. They particularly excel at mushrooms, and a lot of them. We delivered a bag of crimini, which have long been a market favorite.

Ground Beef is More Gourmet than you Think

These whimsical takes on an American classic will make you rethink the grocery list for your next backyard gathering. Find it all at the Tosa Farmers Market!

Fungus Burger

If you’ve been around Tosa for any time at all, you know the Lefflers. Dean and his brother Chris, who owns the bar and grill, have managed and operated this iconic watering hole for 22 years. Dean’s inspiration behind the Fungus Burger cut right to the chase: “I love mushrooms and blue cheese”, and that’s all you need to know. He united the pair atop a grassfed patty and finished it with zippy microgreens for a burger that packs flavor as fearless as its name. You can try it yourself while it features as Leff’s September Burger-of-the-Month.


⅓ lbs grassfed ground beef patty
Crimini mushrooms
1 tbsp bacon fat
⅛ cup chunky blue cheese dressing
Zippy microgreen mix

Jardin Breakfast Burger with Green Pepper Coulis

For those who take breakfast seriously all day long and into the evening, here is the burger for you. Head Chef Dylan Weber took this opportunity of collaborating with the market to really lean into the jardin, taking some French culinary liberties with Red Dot’s own Breakfast Burger. This one will be added to their new, seasonal menu, along with the rest of their collection of grilled masterpieces. Discover your favorites this fall.

⅓ lbs grassfed ground beef patty
1 Fried Egg
Sliced tomato
Zippy Microgreen Mix
Green Pepper Coulis
Crimini mushrooms sauteed in butter with a dash of worcestershire, salt and pepper to taste.

3 green bell peppers
roasted & peeled,
medium chop
1 small white onion minced
2 cloves garlic taste minced
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of thyme

Combine ingredients in a small mixing bowl, stirring in canola oil until a spreadable consistency is achieved. Refrigerate prior to serving.

Mushroom Feta Burger with Jalapeño Marmalade

You could never miss this west-side gem, which is painted in the likeness of the beer can to which it owes its name. Chef James Roca has been with Jackson’s since its 2012 opening, rounding out a 26-year career of managing and cooking at other local joints, like Kelly’s Bleachers and Barley Pop Pub. His creativity shines with these bold flavor combinations,  incorporating made-from-scratch marmalade that meets jalapeños with feta to brightly color the canvas of those farm fresh ingredients.

7 oz grassfed ground beef patty
2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
dash salt
dash of black pepper
2 dashes Worcestershire
10 oz crimini mushrooms

1 Lb double smoked bacon small dice
2 fresh jalapenos deseeded and diced
2 cups sugar
1 cup white vinegar
1 pack pack gelatin