Brian Kludt is a Wauwatosa native who has lived in or around this area for his whole fifty-plus years. He recently published a remarkable story titled: Found Lake, which is available both as a fully developed chapter book for adults, and also as an easy-to-read children’s book.

The story of Found Lake is simple, yet complex: After the somewhat shocking realization that Brian’s parents are divorcing, he (Brian, our young hero) is unwillingly escorted by his Uncle Phil ‘Up North’to Wisconsin to stay with his grandmother (Granny Jane) on Found Lake. It is here that the story unfolds.

Kludt and his co-writer expertly handle the tender issues of divorce without being too overt or clumsy – divorce is not the point of the story, but it is respected. From Brian’s perspective it is simply confusing on many levels, and it catapults him into his summer.

Granny Jane has seen it all before and is ready to help young Brian cope. But it is through her, and in Brian’s new situation that co-authors’ Kludt and RaeAnne Scargall are able to establish and then reintegrate their underlying themes of resilience, persistence, patience, and toughness.

Using clever parallels with waterskiing and beaver dams, Kludt shows his readers that sticking to the goal will eventually pay off. Young Brian initially has trouble becoming a waterskier, but as his confidence grows, he is finally able to grab the rope and hold it with confidence.

And likewise, Kludt illustrates his themes of persistence with the beaver dam. At first, Granny and Brian tear it down and the beavers just build it back up. This routine continues for weeks until one day when Brian sheds some light on the subject that even Granny can’t deny: “they’re just trying to defend their house just like we are,” he says. Lessons like this in the book are many, and they are layered. Profound meanings that are simply stated, easily found, and important on every level.

Simply put, Found Lake is a gentle, easy read no matter which version of it you have in hand, and it’s specifically presented for easy reading at any age group.

Found Lake is a story that illustrates the universal themes of patience, persistence, and toughness, and Kludt and his co-author have expertly delivered their warm, poignant message in book versions that will suit readers of any age.

Brian Kludt

Nationally renowned business leader, coach, and speaker, Brian Kludt, has earned a reputation as a visionary in helping others to live a life with intention and purpose. His dream to share these cherished values begins with sharing his coming-of-age lessons learned in his first book, Found Lake. Brian, his wife Kathy, and their three children, Jake, Hannah, and Holly, continue to “pay it forward,”creating and sharing transformational experiences for family and friends in their northern Wisconsin lake home.