Enjoy. Take Stock. Good Luck.
If you’re like me (and I know you are), you’re in the midst of deciphering the annual pre-summer scramble. Schools almost out for summer. The obligatory summer trip isn’t quite mapped out yet. The calendar of potential events is nothing short of overwhelming. I already feel badly for the activities that we’ll miss due to general schedule conflict.

But this is summer in Tosa! This is why we live here. Where outdoor concerts and movies abound, swimming pools are open, the boys of summer are in mid-season form, golf courses are set to take a beating from one fundraising scramble after another… patios, cafes and restaurants are brimming with deliciousness and ‘people watching’ is at its most critical mass. And the sun is soon due to shine. Prioritize and plan as you will but step out of the box now and then and discover more of this great town’s little oddities as well.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Tosa Connection. We are still searching for our groove and deciphering our own business scramble. Diving into social media, publishing regularly on the Internet and social media between issues and becoming more visible in the community are at the forefront of our mission. Follow us closely and look for us everywhere.

Stay Connected, My Friends (And Go Brewers!)

Peter Haise