By Mayor Kathy Ehley

Welcome new readers:

I’m pleased to help introduce you to a new city magazine celebrating Wauwatosa. The secret is out. Wauwatosa is a special place like no other. We are a compact and vital city of almost 50,000 nestled along the Menomonee River. We enjoy a high quality of life here because we care about this place where we live, work, learn and play.

Wauwatosa is growing and thriving. We want to embrace the evolution of our city while celebrating our heritage. We are becoming a center for innovation with a growing academic medical center and biotechnology research parks. We are becoming a university suburb with six campuses or satellites now located here. We are becoming a regional retail center and foodie destination.

Yet, what makes us unique is the special bond our residents have with our community.

People are passionate about Wauwatosa. People do extraordinary things for Tosa, like build a new community pool or skateboard park. We all know residents who’ve moved to other cities and moved back because they love Tosa. We love our neighborhoods, our schools, our concerts, our farmer’s markets and parade. We love our parks, pool and walking and biking trails. We love our shopping and burgeoning dining scene.

We have strong, connected neighborhoods and we look out for each other. We cherish our city, protect it and do extraordinary things for it.

I hope you enjoy reading about our special city. Together, we are building a strong, dynamic community and I’m honored to be its mayor and call it home. Wauwatosa is truly a way of life.

Warm regards,

Kathy Ehley, Mayor