By Mayor Kathy Ehley


In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, I wanted to reflect on what I’m most grateful for this year.

I am grateful for our engaged and passionate residents. They are the heart and strength of our community. I am in awe of the dedication of our citizens who volunteer on city committees to bring us the Fourth of July Parade or better walking and biking in the city. I’m in awe of the grass-roots efforts of our citizens to build a community pool, a skate park and a performance stage. Mayor FI

I am grateful for our city and school employees who have found innovative ways to maintain the level of services while facing increasing funding challenges. 

I am grateful for our Block Watch program and strong neighborhood associations making our neighborhoods safer and friendlier, and for the pride our residents have in their homes and public spaces.

I am grateful for our beautiful parks, Oak Leaf biking trails and new Menomonee River Parkway — so everyone can enjoy outdoor activities in the heart of the city.

 I am grateful that Wauwatosa is growing with more people wanting to invest in our great community, giving us new dining, shopping and housing, and good places to work and excellent schools for our children.

 Shaping and defining a city is not an easy task and often thankless. Your elected officials and city leaders make complex decisions affecting your lives every day, often to public dissension. Your continued efforts to be involved in your city pay off. Learn more about upcoming projects and give your opinions at public meetings. As we’ve seen in these grass-roots efforts, we can find a common ground, work toward a common goal and be part of the solution.

I am grateful to have your public trust and be mayor of a community with such strong values with such a bright future. I want to hear what you are grateful for in Wauwatosa. Please email me at 

Happy Holidays!,
Kathy Ehley, Mayor