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Please note: The news briefs section of our Fall/Back to School issue referred to Mayor McBride and City Administrator Jim Archambo meeting with School District Supt. Demond Means on a weekly basis. Mayor McBride has since set the record straight, noting in a Facebook exchange with a concerned resident: “In the 3-1/2 years that I have been Mayor of Wauwatosa, the City Administrator and I have met with Dr. Means on two occasions. The first was a couple of years ago and the second about five months ago. Our purpose has been to discuss the city and school district’s mutual concerns, such as the need for fieldhouses at the two high schools. We have not discussed school closings.”  – TC Editors

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In early December of 2023, our annual Holiday Issue was distributed to every door in Wauwatosa. It is an issue that is rich with information, reviews, and local news stories – simply click on the image or the button, and see all the articles from that issue.

Winter 2023

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